Edomae sushi

Edomae Sushi is a traditional style of Japanese cuisine combining vinegared rice with another ingredient, typically raw fish. Its techniques have been handed down through generations in time-honored apprenticeships. The Edo style focuses on tradition and simplicity, using technique to enhance the natural flavors of the ingredients.

kazu fukumoto

Kazu Fukumoto was born in the northern shore of Japan’s Kyushu Island, Fukuoka. In 1999, he began his culinary career starting as a dishwasher at Musashino Sushi Dokoro and worked his way up to become a sushi chef under the apprenticeship of the owner and chef - Smokey Fuse. He continued to hone his skills for 10 years as Head Sushi Chef at Musashino. After departing from Musashino, Kazu traveled back to Japan to study traditional yakitori at Hiroya Yakitori in Tokyo. In September 2015,  all his hard work paid off when he opened Fukumoto: Sushi & Yakitori Izakaya, serving up traditional Japanese cuisine in a casual gastropub setting. He loves to share his passion for food with everyone around him and continues to do so with his evolving menu.


Yakitori is one of the pillars of  Izakaya cuisine. Skewered meats and veggies are grilled over charcoal called binchotan - made from branches of Japanese White Oak. Although seemingly simple, this traditional method 
of grilling produces complex and unique flavors.


An Izakaya is a type of Japanese 

gastropub -  a relaxed, casual atmosphere where the beer and sake flow in abundance, always accompanied by a tantalizing variety of foods. Patrons eat, drink, and chat at a relaxing pace, and often the social aspect of an Izakaya is just as important as the quality of its wares.